Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Gaining Energy Independence - Surviving Grid Outages

What do you think when you hear the phase "Energy Independence?"

Do you think that means being "off the grid?"

Well, the truth is, you don't need to be off-grid to be energy independent. When we consider what this term actually means, we can then understand that it simply means that you have electricity to power the necessities and comforts of your daily life whether the grid is supplying power, or there is a power outage due to increasingly common weather and fire related crises. It also means that you can have control over what you spend, and more importantly to your wallet, what you DON'T spend on your energy consumption.

Backup generators for home and small business can be life and business savers in the event of a fire or windstorm - factors that are increasingly becoming causes of widespread and long lasting power outages throughout California. The problem is not going away anytime soon. The best projections of state and utility experts estimate at LEAST 10 years before this changes.

Solar power systems only work in an outage IF they are HYBRID systems. That means that when the system senses a grid outage, an automatic transfer switch instantly disconnects you from the power lines, so that your solar panels and battery backup system can continue providing energy for you.

But, even though costs are lowering, and there are lots of installers for PV (photovoltaic) out there, putting in a solar energy system is necessarily time consuming for reasons ranging from permitting, safety, and the time it takes to install the system. It often takes months, sometimes as much as a year to go from start to finish, especially when you are putting in the HYBRID system you need to get through power outages.

A backup generator can be permitted and installed in days or a few weeks depending on your specific needs, and local jurisdiction.

We are factory certified installers of Generac backup systems, and can help you from start to finish, so you can quickly enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your family will get through the next power outage without facing the many challenges presented by electricity loss.

Consultations are free and available by phone and in person. We can upgrade your existing solar power system into a hybrid system with battery or generator backup OR both! (The best solution for longer term outages, or for truly off-grid systems).

Main Phone Contact:
1+(424) 281-4776‬


Contact Person - Joseph C.


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Gaining Energy Independence - Surviving Grid Outages

What do you think when you hear the phase "Energy Independence?" Do you think that means being "off the grid?" Well,...